Korea Trip in Oct, 2015

Departed San Francisco on Oct 22, 2015,  arriving in Seoul on Oct 23. A long flight over the Pacific, but I am grateful for uneventful flight.   The drive from Incheon Airport to Seoul city center was pleasant in a beautiful Fall weather.  The streets seem cleaner than what I remembered in the past. It is a bit more dense as well.  Since I arrived a few days earlier than originally planned, I had no welcoming party with no specific address.  But luckily, I met a young man who gave me a ride to JW Marriott in KangNam area, where I left my luggage for several hours for free. It is amazing what you can get, if you know how to talk to people.

The first thing I noticed after my arrival here is that I have no phone connection.  Resisting the urge to rent a cell phone at the airport, I am working on unlocking my iPhone 6+ on the AT&T, so I can install a third local carrier SIM card.  It took me a while, since I was not getting a WiFi connection, but I got it done the next morning. I now need to find a place to buy a pre-paid SIM card.   It is amazing how cut off I felt without the phone connection. A cell phone has become a life blood of our modern life.